Recently Barbara Corcoran of the Shark Tank show stated on LinkedIn she has dyslexia. She stated “Did you know that 50% of Sharks on hashtagSharkTank are dyslexic? It’s not a coincidence.” LinkedIn Post

The team at FaceAffinity decided to perform FaceAffinity reports for each of the Sharks to look for similarities.

Here are two of the highlighted personality traits for six of the Sharks

Summary of Results

We noticed three of the Sharks have the Precise trait – “These individuals immerse themselves in a task, applying extreme levels of focus.” Barbara, Mark and Lori exhibit this trait. Does this have any relationship to dyslexia? Both Kevin and Robert are Multitaskers and Draymond is Flexible.

Most all Sharks have the Gains Confidence Through Knowledge trait – “These individuals build their confidence through knowledge and experience. Once gained, their confidence soars.” All Sharks exhibit this trait except for Robert. Robert is the only Shark to have the Loves a Challenge trait. Robert may be the biggest risk taker of the group.

This analysis may be useful for those looking to present on the Shark Tank to understand how each Shark may look at a product or service brought to the Tank.

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