FaceAffinity To Use Proprietary Face Pattern Analysis To Determine Personality Traits From Face Images

California technology company creating tools for artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality and personalized content curation

SANTA ROSA, Calif. – January 22, 2020 – FaceAffinity, the global leader in Face Pattern Analysis, today announced that it has launched the ability for the public to get personality analyses from face images. To participate, visit https://faceaffinity.com/.

FaceAffinity has developed the world’s first cloud-based Face Pattern Analysis that returns personality traits from face images. FaceAffinity returns the analysis in seconds. The Company’s image-based personality mapping software is a disruptive technology designed to be used in a variety of applications including artificial intelligence, digital marketing, staffing and recruiting, public safety, dating, careers, and more.  From a single image – either a “selfie” or an uploaded image – FaceAffinity can instantly discern a range of key personality traits. FaceAffinity does not store any face images to protect privacy. The personality traits returned are over 90% correlated to people’s feedback.

About FaceAffinity / Sonoma Media Partners, Inc.

Based in Santa Rosa, California, FaceAffinity (wholly-owned by Sonoma Media Partners, Inc.) is focused on developing disruptive face pattern analysis technology for use in marketing, security, staffing, artificial intelligence, dating, career planning, and other consumer and enterprise applications. In early 2015, the company introduced FaceReflect to demonstrate the power this cutting-edge technology. FaceReflect was the first face pattern analysis app for the web, tablets and smartphones, uses the analysis data to identify someone’s innate strengths and attributes.

Contact: Wayne Rowlands, President wrowlands@SonomaMediaPartners.com

For more information about FaceAffinity please visit faceaffinity.com

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Facebook: facebook.com/faceaffinity

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