California AI technology company supports continued innovation for relationship matching


SANTA ROSA, Calif. – May 4, 2018 –  Wayne Rowlands, the Co-Founder and President of FaceAffinity, the global leader in Face Pattern Analysis, commented today on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg’s recent announcement that Facebook is building a feature for dating and relationships within the Facebook app, expected to begin testing later this year.

Mr. Rowlands said, “While many in the press and the technology sector have commented negatively regarding Facebook’s plans to facilitate online dating, we encourage current providers and new entrants large and small in this segment to continue to provide opportunities for enhanced matching and deeper relationships.  This philosophy guided our development and launch in 2015 of the first desktop and mobile application incorporating Face Pattern Analysis for dating.”

Sonoma Media Partners, Inc., the parent company of FaceAffinity, launched its “FaceReflect” app in 2015 and incorporated further research and development into its “eReveal” dating proof of concept platform in 2016. “eReveal” was the world’s first online dating app to use an exclusive face pattern algorithm to perform instantaneous personality and compatibility analysis.

Mr. Rowlands added, “Our proprietary Face Pattern Analysis algorithms can enhance any existing dating and matching platforms by identifying and suggesting matches based on key personality traits. From a single image – either a “selfie” or an uploaded image – FaceAffinity can instantly discern a range of key personality traits. Of course, Facebook and other service providers need to ensure that user privacy and data security are core priorities. We take that seriously in all our applications.”

About FaceAffinity / Sonoma Media Partners, Inc.

Based in Santa Rosa, California, FaceAffinity (wholly-owned by Sonoma Media Partners, Inc.) is focused on developing Face Pattern Analysis technology designed to be used in a variety of applications including digital marketing, content curation, relationship matching, staffing and recruiting, and artificial intelligence. FaceAffinity has developed the world’s first cloud-based Face Pattern Analysis API for use in enterprise applications.

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