A Revolutionary Approach to Marketing Based on Unlocking Key Personality Traits and Preferences – Instantly

“Our faces tell our story and we now have the tools to listen.”

Wayne Rowlands, Founder

Over the past four years, Sonoma Media Partners (the “Company” or “SMP”) has developed proprietary Face Pattern Analysis (“FPA”) algorithms that provide an instant and highly accurate analysis of the user’s personality traits from a picture.  Our intellectual property enables user profiling – providing significant value to a wide range of enterprises looking to improve the effectiveness of their marketing programs.  Initial addressable markets include digital advertisers, staffing services, online dating sites, career and educational guidance, and real estate brokerages – enabling instant client analysis improving speed to close and best of all, extremely satisfied clients.

As the global biometrics market—projected to reach $20 billion by 2018[1]—continues to rapidly expand, the demand for technology products that provide insight into individuals’ personalities and core motivations will increase from numerous industries.   Also, FaceAffinity can be a valuable tool and application in the Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality markets, as well as a discovery and curation tool in the multi-billion dollar market for digital entertainment content such as music, books, movies, and art.

Background – Face Pattern Analysis

The intuitive natural science behind our intellectual property is by no means new – dating back to Aristotle.  The research and practice of analyzing facial features for personality traits and clues began in the U.S. in the 1930s and 1940s, one of the great eras for advances in behavioural and cognitive sciences.  The Company’s primary research advisor Naomi Tickle has authored multiple books and studies and has developed a practice advising major corporations over the past two decades.  The techniques of Face Pattern Analysis (FPA) are used to gain insight into individuals’ strengths, personality types, and key traits. By analyzing the structure of an individual’s face, researchers have discovered that they can discern personality, relationship compatibility, and even ideal careers.  Now, for the first time our parent company Sonoma Media Partners has created the ability to extend the benefits of FPA to millions of people by developing algorithms and face analysis technology that can “read” a face and deliver analysis and results instantly.

Our flagship FaceAffinity™ product offers this algorithm in an Application Programming Interface (API) that can be integrated into a client company’s own products or applications. FaceAffinity™ features a suite of image-processing modules created specifically to analyze face images and determine personality traits, generating a rich stream of data.  SMP offers the only comprehensive, integrated solution for leveraging face pattern awareness, and is poised to quickly become a must-have tool for a huge variety of industries and fields.

Research has identified up to 64 distinct personality traits obtainable by facial measurements, with varying gradients to measure and target an individual’s unique personality profile.  Currently, FaceAffinity has developed technology to measure 15 unique Face Affinity Personality Indicators from among 8 trait bundles from front-view photos, commonly referred to now as a “selfie.”  These 15 traits in turn are analyzed in combination to achieve an accurate assessment and interpretation – applicable to a wide range of interpersonal, workplace, and marketplace situations.

Businesswire. “Research and Markets: Global Biometrics Market Revenues are Anticipated to Reach USD 20 Billion By 2018.” March 13, 2014. Source: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20140313006315/en/Research-Markets-Global-Biometrics-Market-Revenues-Anticipated#.U0W2o6IuaCi

Product Overview

FaceAffinity™ – our flagship product – is based on the science of Face Pattern Analysis (FPA). The Company’s proprietary algorithm scans a face in images and returns information on the pictured individuals’ personality traits.

FaceAffinity™ offers many benefits over traditional personality tests, which are often biased by the taker’s desired outcome. A person’s facial structure is evident at birth, and by puberty, all facial features are fully formed. FaceAffinity™ is not affected by the age, gender, upbringing environment, or cultural background of the subject, and cannot be impacted by cosmetic surgery. FaceAffinity™ simply provides the best and most accurate system for Face Pattern Analysis in use today.

The Company’s API is a lightweight extension that simply and quickly analyzes images and returns personality traits as metadata. FaceAffinity™ does not store images, and does not require high-resolution images in order to perform its analysis. Users simply upload an image, and FaceAffinity™ returns an astounding array of insightful results about the subject’s personality within less than a second.

Product Features:

FaceAffinity’s features offer tremendous benefits to strategic partners and enterprise customers:

  • Fast, lightweight API
  • Does not store images – user privacy is a guiding principle
  • Personality traits delivered as meta data
  • Results returned almost instantly
  • Personality analysis cannot be biased by desired outcome
  • Huge range of potential applications
  • Directly applicable to the growing location-based target marketing field
  • Saves client firms time and money by replacing older personality assessment tools
  • Does not require high-definition photos or extensive image processing
  • Measured traits are not impacted by age, gender, cosmetic alterations, or race.

“Our proprietary technology instantly captures key measurements between points on the face to derive metrics that are then mapped to personality traits – creating a powerful tool with a wide range of commercial applications for predicting personal and workplace compatibility, consumer preferences, and other predictive behaviors.”

Ted Morgan, CEO, FaceAffinity

Market Analysis – SMP’s “Addressable Markets”

A major strength of the Company’s product is its applicability to a wide range of industries and businesses – which the Company has targeted and prioritized as “Addressable Markets.”   As the API can be integrated with both B2B and B2C applications, both consumer-facing and business service firms are included in the Company’s anticipated customer base. A selection of the sectors that could benefit significantly from use of FaceAffinity™ includes:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital advertising & marketing
  • Content discovery and curation
  • Location-based target marketing
  • Security services
  • Dating / relationship matching services
  • Retailing and Hospitality
  • Real estate sales
  • Marriage and personal counseling
  • Commercial and/or government security
  • Biometric product integration
  • Medical screening
  • Social networks
  • Mobile applications
  • Job applicant screening
  • Staffing services
  • College counseling
  • Career counseling and placement
  • Coaching and Athletics