At this very moment you have in your hands, a valuable tool that will help you immediately recognize some of the key traits that are seen in the face. Traits that will help you better understand the strengths and challenges within your relationships. Understanding your own traits and those of your partners and friends is the first step toward creating meaningful relationships.

All About FaceAffinity

FaceAffinity has developed proprietary Face Pattern Analysis algorithms that provide an instant and highly accurate analysis of the user’s personality traits from a photo of one’s face.  Our intellectual property enables user profiling – providing significant value to people to help understand others and ourselves.  The analysis is fast, accurate, and private. Recent studies have show our technology correlates over 90% to personality traits from face images. Our FaceAffinity applications do not store face images. FaceAffinity is not a research company. FaceAffinity is a technology company providing a service for individuals, businesses and institutions.

FaceAffinity™ – our flagship product – is based on the science of Face Pattern Analysis developed by Sonoma Media Partners. The Company’s proprietary algorithm scans a face image and returns information on the pictured individuals’ personality traits. Research has identified up to 64 distinct personality traits obtainable by facial measurements, with varying gradients to measure and target an individual’s unique personality profile.  Currently, FaceAffinity has developed technology to measure 15 unique Face Affinity Personality Indicators from among 8 trait bundles from front-view photos, commonly referred to now as a “selfie.”  These 15 traits in turn are analyzed in combination to achieve an accurate assessment and interpretation – applicable to a wide range of interpersonal, workplace, and marketplace situations.

As the global biometrics market continues to rapidly expand, the demand for technology products that provide insight into individuals’ personalities and core motivations will increase from numerous industries. Also, FaceAffinity can be a valuable tool and application in the Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality markets, as well as a discovery and curation tool in the multi-billion dollar market for digital entertainment content such as music, books, movies, and art.

Additional markets are advertising, online buying intent, career planning and job placement, education counselling, online dating, hospitality and security.

Our flagship FaceAffinity™ product offers this algorithm in an Application Programming Interface (API) that can be integrated into a client company’s own products or applications. FaceAffinity™ features a suite of image-processing modules created specifically to analyze face images and determine personality traits, generating a rich stream of data.  FaceAffinity offers the only comprehensive, integrated solution for leveraging face pattern awareness, and is poised to quickly become a must-have tool for a huge variety of industries and fields.