FaceAffinity - Our Team

Meet the Team

Ted Morgan, Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Morgan is responsible for all aspects of operations of FaceAffinity™. He is a former Xerox Corp. executive and has over 30 years of experience as a Founder, Financier, and CEO of venture capital-backed companies, including Human Engineered Software (Microsoft-financed); Office Club/Office Depot (the largest global office products retailer); MedChoice (medical products retail distribution); U.S. Electricar/Enova Systems (electric vehicles and drive systems); Med*Rite Laboratories (FDA-approved medical device company); and Alternative Technologies, International, a merchant banking firm. Mr. Morgan is experienced in all aspects of corporate development from start-up to exit. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Product Management from California State University, and completed MBA course work at the University of California Berkeley and Golden Gate University.

Wayne Rowlands, Co-Founder, SVP Business Development

Mr. Rowlands is responsible for business development at FaceAffinity™. From 2007 to present, Mr. Rowlands has been a Vice President at Morgan Stanley, providing portfolio management services and financing services for individuals and businesses. Previously, from 1984 to 2007, Mr. Rowlands was a Senior Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch, where he financed many small, mid-size and large companies, including two public offerings, and managed portfolios valued at over $300 million. At Merrill Lynch Mr. Rowlands also raised seed capital, mezzanine financing, convertible financing, lines of credit, acquisition financing, working capital loans, real estate financing, and other financing for numerous companies. Mr. Rowlands has been self-taught in working with HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, and JavaScript. He also works with images using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, and Flash. From 1977 to 1981, while attending Sonoma State University, he worked as a full-time Medical Technologist and Toxicologist. Mr. Rowlands holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biology degree, with minors in Chemistry and Physics, from Sonoma State University.

Rob Mayfield, Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Mayfield is responsible for technology development at FaceAffinity™. Mr. Mayfield has been in the high tech sector for over 25 years, with positions including Chief Architect for Food.com with co-responsibility for a $7 million budget and development of an ordering system for 17,000 restaurants; Principal Java architect for two San Francisco web-based start-ups; and Manager of IT for a Macintosh disk drive manufacturer. He was an early adopter of the Java technology (1995) and web-based B2B systems with client interfaces to IBM and Dunn and Bradstreet. His early work was with Oracle, Informix and Sybase database systems, and included developing interfaces to Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) for Cisco, Lockheed, and Motorola. He is also a skilled Web developer using the Java, PHP and ASP.Net platforms with clients including Hewlett Packard, Autodesk, IMSI, and the University of California San Francisco Department of Surgery. Mr. Mayfield holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and a Master of Science degree in Bio-Physics, the latter contributing to his interest in the interface between technology and human biology.

Hiten Patel - Technology Project Manager

Mr. Patel is responsible for implementing the scalable, cloud-based API streaming solution for delivering FaceAffinity™ results. He heads up Cubeworks, Inc. and has over 27 years experience delivering large scale IT projects, has developed scalable and cost-effective solutions for healthcare, hi-tech, accounting & finance and retail sales & distribution. Formidable leader with proven record, consistently designing and executing complex software projects that deliver competitive advantages to clients. Led post acquisition, merger of business and IT practices. Managed multiple outsourcing projects related to software development and business processes in USA, UK, Europe, and India. Deep experience in aligning strategy and enterprise architecture with core strengths in business transformation.

John Oblad, Director of Software Engineering

Mr. Oblad is responsible for software development at FaceAffinity™. Mr. Oblad is an experienced software engineer and application developer with a proven track record of high quality and on-schedule performance, including multi-threaded application design, inter-process communication, builds management, networking, object-oriented programming, product installation, scripting, automation, web development, and systems administration. From 2007 to present he has been a software engineer at Autodesk, Inc., where he has served as tech lead for AutoCAD install team, developed product installers, service packs, and application extension installers, among other functions. From 2004 to 2007, he was a Software Engineer/QA Engineer at Caymas Systems, where he designed, implemented and maintained Perl based regression test automation environment, tested databases, and automated many processes. From 2003 to 2004, Mr. Oblad was a Software Engineering Consultant at Giga-Tronics. In the summer of 2003 he was a Software Engineering Consultant at Caymas Systems. From 1999 to 2003, Mr. Oblad was a Software Engineer, where he developed a Fault and CDMA applications in C++ for Linux based wireless communications test instrument, among other projects that included an Optical Spectrum Analyzer and GPIB remote communications. From 1997 to 1999, Mr. Oblad was a Production Engineer at Hewlett Packard. Mr. Oblad received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the Sonoma State University (2000).

Naomi Tickle, Chief Face Scientist

Ms. Tickle is in charge of managing the Face Pattern Analysis algorithm. She is an International speaker, career consultant and author who was first introduced to Face Pattern Recognition in 1981. Amazed by the accuracy, she could immediately see how this approach could help couples to better understand and work with each other. Ms. Tickle has authored It’s All in the Face, You Can Read a Face Like a Book, Closing the Sale, What Make People Tick & Why, and Who Am I Who Are You. She provides training for certified personologists, and organized regular workshops for AT&T. She has appeared on CNN, NBC, BBC, Commonwealth Club, Good Morning America, and numerous radio shows worldwide, and has been featured in major newspapers and magazines in England and the United States. Her workshops have been presented at Norwich University, IBM, AT&T, National Semiconductor, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Ameriprise Financial, Rotary International, and a variety of organizations.

Dr. Gary Daniel, Psychologist

Dr. Daniel is in charge of the linguistics, compatibility, career assessments, buyers' intent, and other parts of the FaceAffinity™ structure. Recognized for rapid systems for change in the field of behavioral science, Dr. Daniel is known for his gentle rapid approach to creating changes in a person's life. Whether it is stress, trauma, pain, behavior or success in business. He is the developer of NeuroImaging, which is the incorporation of several proven therapeutic healing modalities and high technology to create a simple but powerful process to facilitate change quickly with predictable results. Dr. Daniel is a published co-author with Deepak Chopra, Bernie Seigle, Dean Ornish, and others in a book titled, "The Heart of Healing," from Elite Books. This powerful book is a testimony to the powerful work Dr. Daniel is creating in the next generation of personal development and healing.

Rob Dellenbach, Legal Advisor

Mr. Dellenbach is responsible for advising the company in business and legal affairs. He has been advising high-growth, Silicon Valley companies since 1989. He was partner at Fenwick & West LLP and Reed Smith LLP, and opened his own practice in 2013. Mr. Dellenbach is a graduate of Stanford Law School and the University of Utah.

George Moskoff, Project Manager

George Moskoff, Project Manager, focuses his energy on the customer / user experience for FaceReflect™, SMP’s flagship consumer-facing App. While keeping track of SMP’s progress through tight controls, he is also involved in managing multiple websites for the company and exploiting social media for market attention. George has been consulting, running startups and has turned around organizations since 1983. With clients such as AT&T, Target, Moen, Bank of America, ServiceMaster, Mr. Moskoff has demonstrated his ability to develop sophisticated customer intelligence through advanced market research methods for his clients’ advantage. In 2008, George was the founder of the social benefit venture, The Minerva Project, linking consultants and Cal State University campuses with community-based non-profits in need of help during The Great Recession. The Project spanned four campuses, served over fifty organizations and harnessed the underutilized human capital of 45 consultants across the state of California. Released in 2012, George has personally developed and marketed two well-reviewed niche mobile apps that can be found in the iTunes Store. He holds a B.A. in Chemistry from Skidmore College and completed his Masters work in Biochemistry from the University of Michigan.

Costas Schuler, Art Director

Costas is in charge of the design of the overall user experience. He has been working as a Graphic Designer for over 18 years, helping clients with graphic design, printing, web design, video editing, marketing and anything else that needs fixing. He has worked as a creative consultant in the financial industry for Ernst & Young, marketing and advertising industry for Mez Design, Golden Pacific Systems and Performance Design Group. He also spent time getting to know the printing industry at Greater Works. He now enjoys life as a freelance graphic designer and loving every minute of it solving puzzles and helping his clients bring their ideas to life. His other creative endeavors include an 81 Mercedes Benz 300SD Art Car covered in over 10,000 pens made from recycled pens donated locally and by mail from over the world. He is known as “The Pen Guy” and his famous art car has been featured on NatGeo, Smithsonian Channel, The Wealth Channel, Mail Online, Huffington Post, AOL, PC Mag, Fox News and Yahoo.

PETE [stringfellow], Chief Marketing Officer

PETE is in charge of the artistic and media development at FaceAffinity™. PETE manages audio/video production and implementation of media-rich social networking and web-based educational and persuasive video campaigns, apps and traditional TV and Radio spots. He is talented in exploiting the latest social and online media to provide visual communications utilizing the latest online technologies and mobile media. In addition to PETE’s media talents, he is a talented musical artist and is the lead of the band “The Stringtones”. Some of the companies that PETE has worked for include Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Radio Shack, Classified Records, 3 Dog Multimedia, HealthStream, Inc., Redwood Toxicology, Hamilton Partners, Inc., and Moontoast, LLC. He is a Recording Artist / Performer / Actor at Creative Destiny, LLC. PETE earned is his AA degree in Music at Santa Rosa Junior College, his BA from California State University, Chico (Suma Cum Laude), and a Master’s degree in Interactive Multimedia from California State University, Chico.