FaceAffinity Announces Edward Melia Joins Board of Advisors

//FaceAffinity Announces Edward Melia Joins Board of Advisors

FaceAffinity Announces Edward Melia Joins Board of Advisors


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West Coast FaceAffinity Announces Edward Melia Joins Board of Advisors
Boston-Based Executive, Techpreneur, Consultant Is Latest Addition of Talent to Sonoma County Startup

Santa Rosa, CA: FaceAffinity, a leading developer of personality analysis software, today announced that Edward Melia, C-Level executive, techpreneur, consultant and venture capitalist has joined the FaceAffinity Board of Advisors.  Mr. Melia currently serves as Chief Operating Officer at New World Financial Holding, LLC, a Venture Capital and Private Equity firm based in New York City.


Edward Melia

 FaceAffinity (FA) is the leader in the field of face pattern analysis providing an image-based personality mapping software that is proving to be a disruptive technology in digital marketing, dating, talent management, career planning, security and the life sciences.  The FA system instantly produces an extensive range of personality traits from a single image.

Ted Morgan, Co-Founder, President and CEO of FaceAffinity, said in making the announcement:  “Edward Melia has more than 20 years experience spanning global business management, management consulting, entrepreneurship, venture capital, private equity and mergers & acquisitions. In his career, Edward has focused on disruptive technologies with specific sector proficiency in life sciences, new energy, digital media and information technology. Mr. Melia has counseled, advised and lead several successful startup ventures in technology and life sciences.  Most notably for the FA team, Melia founded, built and sold two technology companies that enhanced the user experience and increased the validity and outcomes of psychometric assessment instruments.  We are very pleased and excited to have Ed on our Team.”

Wayne Rowlands, Co-Founder and Senior VP of Business Development also commented:  “Mr. Melia, one of FaceAffinity’s more senior advisors, will be guiding the FA Team on “go to market” initiatives, fundraising and strategic direction.  With his expertise and involvement in the life sciences and technology sectors, Mr. Melia is sure to look for opportunities to use FA’s proprietary technology to serve important niches such as medical devices, diagnostics, biometrics, security and personality analysis applications.”

Ed Melia commented:  “The FA R&D, technology and solutions have important applications across several industries and market segments.  I’m excited to work closely with the FA team as we analyze and develop these opportunities.  The proprietary technology and methodologies can have a substantial impact on industries such as life sciences, robotics, security, psychometric, and behavioral assessments.  The possibilities are exciting and I’m looking forward to influencing the next phase of growth at FA”

The FaceAffinity Team has developed the world’s first Cloud-Based Face Pattern Analysis Application Program Interface (API).   Co-Founder Wayne Rowlands explains, “The measurements of your face are determined when you’re born and over time there is not much change in these metrics. These measurements of your face have been integrated by FA into an algorithm which determines what your actual personality traits are.”

FaceAffinity™ works through a cloud API-based technology. This means the algorithm can be integrated with a variety of applications for mobile, web and other applications. The image analysis algorithm takes a photo and maps complex personality assessments based on the structure of the person’s face which then may highlight such applications as consumer affinities.  The FaceAffinity™ software can process an unlimited number of facial images at a time.

You can see the FaceAffinity™ API in action by downloading a free mobile app called FaceReflect™. With just a photo image of a face, FaceReflect™ provides an instant analysis of the user’s personality traits. It’s available for both iOS and Droid mobile devices.

Learn more about FaceAffinity by visiting: FaceAffinity.com. Become an investor by visiting: fundable.com/faceaffinity. You can connect with the FaceAffinty team on social media with their new Twitter account (@faceaffinity) and Facebook account (/FaceAffinity).

About FaceAffinity: A close-knit team of U.S. and international based product designers who are creating a number of digital product applications including social networking, target marketing, managed services, career development, staffing, executive search, entertainment, healthcare and other key face pattern analysis  technology applications.


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